In september 2009 SeKi started it´s successful way with the commercial launch of the first SeKi remote controls.

All SeKi remote controls want to be an appliance tomentally or physically handicapped people to grant facilities to their everyday life. For the first years SeKi product range included many different big button remote controls. In July 2012 the product range has been enlarged with the new product divsion of big button telephones, still with main aspect of special products for elderly people.

To be able to support the audio-video-market, which was supplied with remote controls, much better in future, in autumn 2013 the new product line SeKi Cable has been established. Since that time this product range, and as well the most important product range of big button remote controls, has been extended continuously.

At the end of 2013 SeKi started to accommodate the getting more and more important aspect of environmental awareness. SeKi LED was born. In the beginning only LED stripes were provided, but this product division has been and will be expanded more and more since beginning of 2014.

SeKi products are available in 20 countries all over the world by now, like Europe, Australia and United States.

The name SeKi is compounded of the first letters of the main target groups of big button remote controls Se-niors and Ki-ds.

In 2009 SeKi Slim remotes have been brought onto the market. Since then SeKi is developing to one of the most important brands for senior remote controls. Since the first remotes controls in 2009 many further models and new product lines have been introduced:

September 2009:

Commercial launch SeKi Slim

Dezember 2010:

Commercial launch SeKi Medium

Commercial launch SeKi Grande

January 2012:

Commercial launch SeKi Easy

Commercial launch SeKi Easy Plus

April 2012:

Commercial launch SeKi Open

July 2012:

Commercial launch SeKi DVD

Commercial launch of new product division SeKi Phone

August 2013:

Commercial launch SeKi Air

September 2013:

Commercial launch SeKi Hotel

Start of new product line SeKi® Cable

Commercial launch SeKi Loudspeakercables

Oktober 2013:

Start of new product line SeKi® LED

Commercial launch SeKi LED-Stripes

January 2014:

Commercial launch SeKi Hotel Eco

February 2014:

Commercial launch SeKi HDMI-Cables

March 2014:

Commercial launch SeKi LED-Tubes

Commercial launch SeKi LED-Bulbs

May 2014:

Commercial launch SeKi Coaxial Cables

Commercial launch SeKi LED-Panels

Start of new product line SeKi® SAT

Commercial launch SeKi DiSEqC-switches

Commercial launch SeKi Inline-amplifier

Commercial launch SeKi Satellite splitter

Commercial launch SeKi Multiswitches

August 2014:

Commercial launch SeKi Care

September 2014:

Commercial launch SeKi LED-Downlights

Commercial launch SeKi Lighting Adaptors

November 2014:

Commercial launch SeKi Bell Wire

January 2015:

Commercial launch SeKi Phone Cables

February 2015:

Commercial launch SeKi Glass Edge Lighting

October 2015:

Start of new product line SeKi® Power

Commercial launch SeKi Power Supplies


Commercial launch SeKi LED Tile Spacer

March 2016:

Commercial launch SeKi Trims

May 2016:

Commercial launch SeKi SAT Finder

June 2016:

Commercial launch SeKi Single LEDs

Commercial launch SeKi Microphone Cables

August 2016:

Commercial launch SeKi Network Cables

October 2016:

Commercial launch SeKi Air Mini

May 2017:

Commercial launch SeKi Cable Lugs

Dezember 2017:

Commercial launch SeKi Heat Shrink Tubes

Commercial launch SeKi Polyester Braid Sleeves

January 2018:

Commercial launch SeKi Cable End Sleeves

March 2018:

Commercial launch SeKi Switches

October 2018:

Commercial launch SeKi RG59 Cables

Commercial launch SeKi Protect Sleeve

March 2019:

Commercial launch SeKi One

Commercial launch SeKi Pyrography Set

June 2019:

Commercial launch SeKi fits for Philips

Commercial launch SeKi fits for Samsung

July 2019:

Commercial launch SeKi Cable Conduits

Commercial launch SeKi Hook-And-Loop Straps

February 2020:

Commercial launch SeKi Cable Glands

Commercial launch SeKi Toslink Cables

March 2020:

Commercial launch SeKi 433

June 2020:

Commercial launch SeKi LED module chains

July 2020:

Commercial launch SeKi fits for LG

Commercial launch SeKi fits for Panasonic

Commercial launch SeKi fits for Sharp

Commercial launch SeKi fits for Sony

October 2020:

Commercial launch SeKi Cable Accessories (e.a. cable ties, cable clips, spiral wrapping band, junction boxes, terminal blocks)


SeKi developers are always doing their very best to enlarge the product range to attune it according to customers requirements.


About SeKi

SeKi is a brand of Matrix Handels GmbH. With the consciously minimal and simple SeKi remote controls, via cables and LED accessories, SeKi positions itself with a wide range of products in the electronic sector.


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