panelThe ultra thin SeKi LED panels are proper for being used as innovative LED lamps. The LED panels have an imposing illuminating power and are, in comparsion to conventional lamps, extremely economical.

The different fields of applications are nearly unlimited.

It is possible to mount the panel on walls or ceilings easily and the panel allows homogeneous illuminations of big rooms and offices for example to create a kind of light wells at the wall.

These ultra thin panels with innovative LED lamps are lightening even big living rooms holohedrally with a very homogeneous and near anti-glare white. LED panels won´t get hot and need no cooling. By efficient and durable light emitting diodes you will save power and money.

There is a very high color rendering index at these LED panels which makes illuminated areas looking very naturally. The light is very similar to daylight. The panels are only 12mm high and can be installed improvised as well. For example when being installed diagonal above a table this panel can appear very refined and elegant.


  • Different dimensions:
    • 30cm x 30cm
    • 60cm x 60cm
    • 62cm x 62cm (fits for grid-ceilings)
    • 120cm x 30cm
    • 150cm x 30cm
  • Material: AL6063 Aluminium
  • Input voltage (power supply): 100...260VAC / 50-60Hz
  • Life expectancy: 20.000h
  • Different color temperatures: cold-white (6000K), pure-white (4500K), warm-white (3000K)
  • Controller is included in delivery of every panel


led 30 30
30cm x 30cm
panel rahmen 30
Build-Up Frame 30cm
led 60 60
60cm x 60cm
panel rahmen 60
Build-Up Frame 60cm
led 60 60
62cm x 62cm für Raster-Decken
panel rahmen 62
Build-Up Frame 62cm
led 120 30
120cm x 30cm
panel rahmen 120
Build-Up Frame 120cm
led 150 30
150cm x 30cm
panel rahmen 150
Build-Up Frame 150cm


About SeKi

SeKi is a brand of Matrix Handels GmbH. With the consciously minimal and simple SeKi remote controls, via cables and LED accessories, SeKi positions itself with a wide range of products in the electronic sector.


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