umg klettkabelbinder

SeKi ® Velcro cable ties are available in different colors and designs.

In the normal version, the Velcro and fleece area are on the same side.

These areas are arranged on different sides in the crossed version. All versions have a stable metal eyelet.



  • Material: PP/Nylex
  • Different types: regular and crossed
  • Different lengths: 150mm - 800mm
  • Different widths: 16mm - 38mm
  • Different colors: black, blue, green and red
klettbinder n
Regular version
klettbinder k
Crossed version
klettbinder schwarz
Hook-and-Loop strap
klettbinder blau
Hook-and-Loop strap
klettbinder gruen
Hook-and-Loop strap
klettbinder rot
Hook-and-Loop strap
klettbinder schwarz k
Hook-and-Loop strap
black - crossed
klettbinder blau k
Hook-and-Loop strap
blue - crossed
klettbinder gruen k
Hook-and-Loop strap
green - crossed
klettbinder rot k
Hook-and-Loop strap
red - crossed


About SeKi

SeKi is a brand of Matrix Handels GmbH. With the consciously minimal and simple SeKi remote controls, via cables and LED accessories, SeKi positions itself with a wide range of products in the electronic sector.


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