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The SeKi ® range includes many products from the SAT accessories division.

In addition to DiSEqC switches and inline amplifiers, youc an find also satellite splitters and satellite signal finders.

Suitable to this you will find our SeKi® coaxial cables and SeKi® multiswitches in the other categories.



DiSEqC switches make it possible to switch between 2 or 4 LNBs when using these.

  • Inputs: 2 / 4
  • Frequency: 950 -2400 MHz
  • Insertion loss: <2 dB
  • Power consumption: 15mA
  • Max. load: 500mA
  • With weather protection housing


Inline amplifiers can be used to amplify the input signal in order to achieve a higher signal strength at the antenna socket or the terminal.

  • Gain: 20 dB
  • Frequency: 47 - 2200 MHz
  • Completely shielded


For easy alignment of the SAT system using optical and acoustic indicators.

  • Für 18 V and 22 kHz
  • Optical and acoustic signaling
  • Level control
  • Dial illumination
  • With display of the polarization plane and the 22 kHz signal for optimal alignment of both polarization planes and frequency bands.


Satellite distributors allow the incoming signal to up to 8 devices.

  • Frequency: 5 - 2450 MHz
  • Digital-compatible (100dB) distributor for satellite systems
  • F-Jack to 2x - 8x F-Jacks
  • Shielding 100dB for digitale signals
  • DC-pass at all jacks (max. 30V)
DiSEqC-Switch- 2-way
diseqc 4
DiSEqC-Switch- 4-way
splitter 2
SAT-Splitter- 2-way
splitter 4
SAT-Splitter- 4-way
splitter 6
SAT-Splitter- 6-way
splitter 8
SAT-Splitter- 8-way


About SeKi

SeKi is a brand of Matrix Handels GmbH. With the consciously minimal and simple SeKi remote controls, via cables and LED accessories, SeKi positions itself with a wide range of products in the electronic sector.


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