High Definition Multimedia Inferface (HDMI) is the most common cable for digital audio and video connection of television, settop boxes and other audio-video devices like bluray players.
SeKi hdmi 2.0 cables are available since beginning of 2014 and allow 4-times bigger resolution than former hdtv .With the hdmi 2.1 standard introduced in 2017, the maximum possible resolution has been quadrupled again.

With hdmi 2.0 cables you will be able to play movies with 2160p at 60Hz.3D movies can be played with 1080p at 48Hz.

Bitrate was increasingwith hdmi 2.0 from 8,16 GBit/s to 14,4 GBit/s in comparison to hdmi 1.4 cables.

This professional high-end hdmi cable with 4K/3D/Full HD and ethernet provides a perfect and lossfree broadcast of high-definition signals.

When used in conjunction with devices that only offer a weak output signal, transmission problems can occasionally occur with conventional HDMI 2.0 cables. The SeKi® HDMI cables with fiber optic cable provide a remedy, in which the signal for transmission is converted into an optical signal and therefore arrives at the playback device without loss and free of interference.

The hdmi 2.1 standard was introduced in 2017 as the successor to the hdmi 2.0 cables. The SeKi® HDMI 48G cables transmit the signals with the new standard, which enables a maximum resolution of 7680p x 4320p (8K) at 60Hz or 3840p x 2160p (4K) at 120Hz. The transfer rate is 48 GBit/s!


Technical details:

  • internet via hdmi
  • audio return channel
  • HDMI 2.0:
    4096p x 2160p (4K) with 60Hz (3D with up to 1080P with 48Hz)
  • HDMI 2.1:
    7680p x 4320p (8K) with 60Hz / 3840p x 2160p (4K) with 120Hz
  • HDMI 2.0 cable have an optional fiber optic conductor for devices with low signal strength
  • High data rate: 14,4GBit/s (HDMI2.0) / 48 GBit/s (HDMI2.1)
  • can be used with DSC and sYCC601 color
  • 24k gold-plated plugs
  • HDCP compatible
  • Deep Color
  • x.v. Color


Fits for:

  • lcd / led / plasma tv
  • uhd tv (hdmi 2.1)
  • Playstation, Xbox
  • dvb receiver
  • videobeamer
  • dvd player
  • BluRay player
  • Amazon FireTV, Apple TV and Google Chromecast
  • ... and many other devices!






About SeKi

SeKi is a brand of Matrix Handels GmbH. With the consciously minimal and simple SeKi remote controls, via cables and LED accessories, SeKi positions itself with a wide range of products in the electronic sector.


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