umg seki philipsThe ideal replacement for lost remote controls from Philips devices.

The SeKi® fits for Philips remote control replaces necessary functions of the original remote control.

Function and design have been optimally coordinated for use with devices from the Philips brand.



The brand-specific SeKi® remote controls can be programmed in three different ways:

  • Using an integrated code database (works with 99% of all Philips audio-video devices)
  • Using a quick search
  • Using the learning function from the original remote control

In this way, both the functions stored in the code database and any missing functions can be programmed or learned to the remote control.

Summary of all features

  • Pre-programmed remote control
  • Keys matched to brand-specific functions
  • Customized shape
  • 3 different ways to learn the remote control
  • Very easy programming
  • Replaces 99% of the audio and video remote controls of mentioned brand
  • Can always be reprogrammed if necessary (with the same brand)
  • All settings are retained even when the batteries are changed
  • SeKi passend für Philips 1
  • SeKi passend für Philips 2
  • SeKi passend für Philips 3


The preprogrammed codes are compatible with the following models, among others:

2422 5490 01833, 2422 5490 01834, 2422 5490 01911, HE888, PH28 LCD TV, RC0301/01-47, RC0717-642, RC0764/01, RC0770, RC1112516/00, RC1152605/01, RC115300101, RC1153053-00, RC1205B/30063555, RC1683701, RC1683702/01, RC1683801/01, RC19002_B, RC19036002, RC19039001, RC19039001-01, RC1904, RC1904/001, RC19042001, RC19042003/01, RC19042004, RC19042008/01, RC19042009/01, RC19042011, RC19042011/01, RC19042013, RC19042018/01, RC19137008/01, RC19335001, RC19335003/01, RC19335003/120, RC19335004/01, RC19335009/01, RC19335014/01, RC19335019/01, RC19335020/01, RC19335021/01, RC19335023-01H, RC19335029-01, RC2001, RC2006, RC2023601, RC2023617/01, RC2030, RC2031, RC2033601/01, RC2034301-01, RC2034302-01, RC2034305/01B, RC2034312/01, RC2048, RC2080, RC2143606/01, RC25109/01, RC2512, RC2521, RC2525, RC2525/01, RC2529, RC2529/01, RC2533, RC2541, RC2543, RC2563, RC2575, RC2582/01, RC2683204/01, RC2835/01, RC283501, RC283502, RC2882-01, RC400, RC4344-01H, RC4422/01, RC520, RC5536, RC6805, RC7502, RC7507, RC7533, RC7535, RC7599, RC7802, RC7802-S, RC7805, RC7806, RC7807, RC7808, RC7812, RC7812-S, RC7847, RC7940, RC7952, RC7953, RC7954, RC7959, RC7962, RC7974, RC8205, RC8922, RC8925, RC8927, RCA10U81FX, SAA3010, TV PIP


The brand-specific SeKi® remote controls are available for devices from the following manufacturers:

SeKi Panasonic
SeKi Philips
SeKi Samsung
SeKi Sharp
SeKi Sony



Brand names and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. The use of brand names and registered trademarks is only for descriptive purposes. The brands mentioned do not have any partnership or cooperation with SeKi. Errors excepted.



seki philips


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Technical information


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75 grams without batteries

Required batteries:

2x AAA (Micro)

not included

About SeKi

SeKi is a brand of Matrix Handels GmbH. With the consciously minimal and simple SeKi remote controls, via cables and LED accessories, SeKi positions itself with a wide range of products in the electronic sector.


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