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FAQs - Questions for LED lighting

Conventional lamps with E27, E14, G9 and GU10 sockets can be replaced without any further requirements.

LED tubes can only be used in housings with conventional (cb) or low-loss ballasts (llb). If the existing lamp has an electric transformer (etr) the cables need to be modified by a skilled electrican. When replacing the tubes the regular starter has to be replaced by the dummy-starter (included in delievery) as well.

These short cuts are explaning the type of the used ballast:

cb: conventional ballast

llb: low-loss ballast

etr: electric transformer

Conventional led tubes in housings with cb or llb can be replaced without any problems. Housings with etr require a modification of the cables by a skilled technican before replacing the tubes.

60cm tubes are used in louvered luminaires consisting of 2 or 4 tubes very often. In those louvered luminaires tandem cicuits are used, that have 2 tubes connected in series. Such connections in series are not suitable for led tubes because they need to be connect to full 230V at any time.


To be able to us led tubes in such louvered luminaires the cables have to be modified. A parallel connections is needed instead of the existing connection in series. Please note that such a modification has to be done be a skilled technican.

We recommend to think about using the energy-saving led panels (you can find further information here) instead of using the led tubes and modifying the wiring.