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FAQs - Programming

Programming SeKi remotes is very easy. Please download the manual for your model here and follow the four easy steps to learn all codes to your SeKi remotes.

Yes. Each button can learn a code from another device. For eample you can learn SeKi´s power and volume buttons with function of your television and SeKi´s channel (and number) buttons with codes of your satellite receiver.

No. A and B buttons have to be used for selecting the controlling level respectively the device you want to control.

It is not necessary to delete any codes. Just start the programming mode again and learn the correct code to the button. The old code will be overwritten.

Yes. All SeKi remotes can be programmed again at all times and as often as you want.

We can offer SeKi remote controls with preprogrammed commands to operate LG, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sharp and Sony devices. All other SeKi models always need a functioning original remote control in order to be programmed.

In some cases it might be necessary to enter code "16" instead of code "32" at the SeKi programmer to do a correct copying.

Please start copy mode again and use code "16".

About SeKi

SeKi is a brand of Matrix Handels GmbH. With the consciously minimal and simple SeKi remote controls, via cables and LED accessories, SeKi positions itself with a wide range of products in the electronic sector.


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