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FAQs - Technical questions

Each button can only learn one single code.

SeKi Medium and SeKi Grande can learn two codes by using two levels A and B.

SeKi Medium and SeKi Grande remotes can be programmed with two codes per button (one each level). Because of this you can control two devices with one button (not at the same time) depending on the selected level.


You have programmed all functions of your tv to level A and all functions of your satellite receiver to level B. When pressing A, all buttons will control your tv, for example switching the device on and off. When pressing B you will switch off your satellite receiver by pressing power button, because level B is programmed with all satellite receiver codes.


In many cases SeKi remotes are used to controll different devices. This is why many customers asked us to put a second power button on remote controls. SeKi DVD, SeKi Easy and SeKi Easy Plus remotes do have that second power button, so it is possible to switch two devices on and off for example television and DVD player with only one remote control.

Every SeKi remote with a numeric pad can be used for controlling teletext. SeKi Easy Plus, SeKi Hotel and SeKi Care have a special TXT button to learn the teletext function. For SeKi Grande this function has to be programmed for example to AV button.

At SeKi Care, SeKi Easy, SeKi Easy Plus and SeKi Hotel remotes you can learn individual functions to the *-button. This button is meant to be used for functions that are not included in the regular button printings.

All SeKi remotes Slim, Medium, Grande, DVD, Easy, Easy Plus, Hotel, Hotel Eco, Care and One can replace all audio video infrared remote controls.

Unfortunately all SeKi remotes can only replace infrared remote controls at this moment. Bluetooth remotes can not be replaced.

SeKi Air and SeKi Air Mini can controll 2000 different air conditioning models. You can find a list of all brands at the product details website.

The leds will show correct or failed functions during programming mode. During normal use the leds are only important for SeKi Medium and SeKi Grande. At these two models the leds show which level A or B is currently activated.

According to our information, some of the Sky-Q remote controls work with Bluetooth. Since the SeKi remote controls only work with infrared signals, they unfortunately cannot replace the Sky-Q remote control.

About SeKi

SeKi is a brand of Matrix Handels GmbH. With the consciously minimal and simple SeKi remote controls, via cables and LED accessories, SeKi positions itself with a wide range of products in the electronic sector.


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