umg hotelSeKi Hotel makes it possible to create several identical remote controls by using an easy copying mode.

By using the separately available SeKi programmer every SeKi Hotel remote control can be duplicated without big efforts as often as needed.



Each SeKi Hotel remote control can be used and programmed like a regular SeKi Grande or SeKi Easy Plus remote. But with the intesion of creating many copies with exactly the same setting, the ultimate potency of SeKi Hotel appears.

To create a duplicate of a SeKi Hotel remote control, the separately available SeKi Programmer is required. An already programmed SeKi Hotel remote control (master) and a blank SeKi Hotel remote, that is to be programmed (slave), have to be connected to the programmer with USB cables (included in delivery). After starting the copying process by a keystroke all stored settings of the master remote control are copied to the slave remote control.

That´s it. The second remote control now posesses exactly the same settings / codes like the first one and is ready to be used!


Summary of all features

  • Universal remote control for all audio video devices
  • Compatible with all brands
  • Big buttons
  • Including numeric keys
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy copying mode by using master-slave-copies
  • Perfect for guesthouses and hotels
  • Keeps all settings even when batteries are removed

SeKi Hotel remote controlSeKi schraeg Hotel 2013
SeKi Programmer SeKi schraeg Hotel Programmer 2013

seki hotel


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Technical information


abmessung seki hotel


95 gramm without batteries

Required batteries:

2x AAA (Micro)

not included