umg hotel ecoSeKi Hotel Eco is the best combination of simple big button remote controls and the possibility to create many identical copies of this remote control very easily and quickly.

The SeKi programmer copies all settings of a SeKi Hotel Eco to an unprogrammed remote and allows to produce an unlimited number of duplicates.



Seki Hotel Eco uses same simple learning mode like all other SeKi remote controls. At the moment when you need more than one SeKi remote with identical settings, the big advantage of SeKi Hotel Eco (in comparison to similar remotes like SeKi Medium and SeKi Easy) will appear.

Before being able to use and duplicate SeKi Hotel Eco remote you first have to program one exemplar with the original remote control for your own demands. To create a copy of this remote now, this programmed remote ("Master") and an until then unprogrammed / empty SeKi Hotel Eco ("Slave") have to be connected to the SeKi programmer by USB (USB cables included in delivery of SeKi programmer). Subsequent to this you only have to start the copy procedure by pressing one button on the programmer. A few seconds later the unprogrammed remote control has the same settings and functions like the master remote. Both remotes now are ready to be used or to be duplicated unlimited times again.

Summary of all features

  • Universal audio video remote control
  • For av devices of all brands
  • Well-arranged buttons
  • Easy to control
  • Simple and time-saving copy procedure to create random quantity of copies of SeKi Hotel Eco remote with identical functions
  • Perfect to be used at hotel sector
  • No loss of settings during battery change

SeKi Hotel Eco remote controlSeKi schraeg Hotel Eco 2013
SeKi Programmer SeKi schraeg Hotel Programmer 2013

seki hotel eco


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Technical information


abmessung seki hotel eco


90 gramm without batteries

Required batteries:

2x AAA (Micro)

not included