umg grandeSeKi Grande remote is the big sister of smaller SeKi Medium and features an additional numeric keypad for choosing channels directly.

All buttons of SeKi Grande remote control can be prgrammed twice.This means that, when using both programming levels, it is possible to replace two different remote controls totally.



The numeric keypad makes it possible to select channels directly with this SeKi remote and to handle teletext functions.

The most important attribute of SeKi Grande is the possibility to program two different controlling levels A and B. In this case for example it is possible to program the function of the televison set to power button of level A and the function of the satellite receiver´s power button to level B. When now activating level A, the tv will react when pressing power button on SeKi remote. After selecting level B SeKi remote will switch on and off the satellite receiver by pressing power button.

If there will be a new device at your home in future, it is no problem to program the SeKi remote for your new device easily and quickly at any time.

Summary of all features

  • Universal remote control
  • Learns all functions from the original remote
  • Including numeric keys for direct programm selection
  • Each button can be programmed twice
  • Large buttons
  • Can be reporgrammed at any time
  • Replaces all audio video brands
  • No loss of settings when changing batteries

SeKi Grande is available in 3 different colors:

SeKi schraeg grande schwarz 2013
SeKi schraeg grande silber schwarz 2013
SeKi schraeg grande silber 2013

seki grande


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Technical information


abmessung seki grande


95 gramm without batteries

Required batteries:

2x AAA (Micro)

not included