umg careSeKi Care remote control convinces by its unique plastic foil keypad, that allows the user an easy and hygienic cleaning. Because of this foil keypad this SeKi model is perfectly qualified for being used in hospitals, retirement homes and special-care homes. SeKi Care is a big button remote control with plastic foil keypad that is absolutely new at the market in this way.


In addition to the foil keypad there is the SeKi copying mode, still known from SeKi Hotel remote control, used at SeKi Care. This copying mode allows the user to produce an unlimited number of identical copies of his SeKi Care remote. Only by a keystroke.

The housing of SeKi Care can be cleaned very easily because of the fact that the foil keypad has no gaps and edges. So there will be no dirt amassing on the remote and it is enough to clean the remote with a wet rag and some mild cleaning agent. The complete remote control is splash water protected, which enables easy cleaning and makes the remote immune to a bowled down glas of drink or any other liquids.

By using the SeKi programmer (separately available) every programmed SeKi Care remote can be copied to an unprogrammed SeKi Care remote and all codes and settings will be conferred to the second remote. For this you only need to connect the two remotes (1x programmed remote, 1x unprogrammed remote) to the SeKi programmer and start the copying mode by a keystroke. After a few seconds you will have two identical remote controlls, that can be used right away. If you want you can produce more duplicates whenever you want.

Summary of all features

  • Big button remote control with waterproof foil keypad
  • Easy cleaning because of smooth surface
  • Universal remote for all audio video devices
  • Immune to bowled down drinks and other liquids
  • Compatible to all brands, irrespective of the model
  • Including numeric buttons
  • Very big buttons
  • Easy programming mode
  • Wrist strap included
  • Simple und fast way of creating duplicates by using SeKi programmer
  • Fits perfectly to demands of usage at hospitals, special-care homes and retirement homes
  • All settings will be kept during battery change

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SeKi Programmer SeKi schraeg Hotel Programmer 2013

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Technical information


abmessung seki care


95 gramm without batteries

Required batteries:

2x AAA (Micro)

not included