SeKi Air FernbedienungSeKi Air & Air Mini are a perfect replacement for lost or damaged air conditioning remote controls. The compact design with the big display (SeKi Air) is the best solution for a easily operation.

You will never again work up a sweat, if your old air conditioning remote control doesn´t work apruptly anymore or cannot be found after a cold winter.


umg careSeKi Care remote control convinces by its unique plastic foil keypad, that allows the user an easy and hygienic cleaning. Because of this foil keypad this SeKi model is perfectly qualified for being used in hospitals, retirement homes and special-care homes. SeKi Care is a big button remote control with plastic foil keypad that is absolutely new at the market in this way.


umg dvdSeKi DVD is an universal learning remote control especially for DVD and BluRay players and video recorders.

According to the philosophy of all SeKi remotes the buttons of SeKi DVD are reduced for the most important functions to control all kinds of media players.

Simple. Easy. Kids friendliy. Intelligent.


umg easySeKi Easy is an universal remote control for one device.

The advantages of SeKi Easy are obvious: Perfect size and reduction for the most important buttons to control tv devices and cable or satellite receivers (dvb-s, dvb-c and dvb-t).

An additional power button allows to switch on and off a second device.

umg easyAs amplification to SeKi Easy remote there is an additional numeric keypad at SeKi Easy Plus.

With the special TXT button SeKi Easy Plus can be used to navigate through teletext.

When you want to control one single device this SeKi version is the best choice. The second power button allows activating another device.


umg grandeSeKi Grande remote is the big sister of smaller SeKi Medium and features an additional numeric keypad for choosing channels directly.

All buttons of SeKi Grande remote control can be prgrammed twice.This means that, when using both programming levels, it is possible to replace two different remote controls totally.


umg hotelSeKi Hotel makes it possible to create several identical remote controls by using an easy copying mode.

By using the separately available SeKi programmer every SeKi Hotel remote control can be duplicated without big efforts as often as needed.


umg hotel ecoSeKi Hotel Eco is the best combination of simple big button remote controls and the possibility to create many identical copies of this remote control very easily and quickly.

The SeKi programmer copies all settings of a SeKi Hotel Eco to an unprogrammed remote and allows to produce an unlimited number of duplicates.



umg mediumYou are searching for a simple and clear universal remote control, which you will be able to control two different devices with? If yes, SeKi Medium is the right one for you!

All buttons can be programmed twice. By selecting one of the two different programming levels you will decide which equipment will be controlled by SeKi remote at that moment.


umg oneThe SeKi® One remote control convinces with the possibility of simple and above all hygienic cleaning. The membrane keypad has no gaps or edges and the lockable battery lid has a seal to withstand even the largest glass of water. This SeKi® variant is ideal for use in hotels, guest houses, hospitals, senior citizen housing and nursing homes. The SeKi® One is a remote control with membrane keypad that has been reduced to the most important functions and has never existed on the market so far. The lockable battery cover also serves as a base stand.


SeKi OpenFernbedienung SeKi Open hand-held transmitter is a high-quality replacement for door opener. The radio-controlled opener works with 433,92 MHz frequency and is best choice to replace almost every door opener with this frequency.

Compatibility is independent of the brand of the controlled door drive (further information about the compatibility requirements are mentioned below).


umg slim1 remote control - 6 buttons - 0 problems

It cannot be more simple. SeKi Slim remote replaces all necessary functions of audio and video remote controls. No more hugh and confusing remote controls.

This remote control learns all functions directly from the original remote control and thereby fits for all brands nonrestrictively.