SeKi LED Bulbs

E27/E14SeKi LED lighting products, based on the newest generation of smd technology, allow to replace conventional light bulbs and halogen bulbs with any loss.

The main argument for such a replacement of illuminants is the much less power consumption.




Because of its 360° angle of reflected beam the "Corn" LED bulbs are suited for being used in corridors and foyers perfectly. Everywhere where a large scale illumination level is desired.

The LED buld "Candle" can be used for example in open lamps like chandeliers without causing any glare because of its identical shape like conventional candle bulbs and its milky glas.



  • Different sockets: E14, E27, G9
  • Different color temperatures: cold-white (6000K), pure-white (4500K), warm-white (3000K)
  • Different shapes: ball, candle
  • Low power consumption - energy efficiency grade A++
  • Operating voltage: 220-240V
  • Long life period: up to 50.000 operating hours
  • More models are in preparation!

E27 - 3 watt
E27 - 3 watt - energy label
E27 - 5 watt
E27 - 5 watt - energy label
E27 - 7 watt
E27 - 7 watt - energy label
E27 - 10 watt
E27 - 10 watt - energy label
E27 - 13 watt
E27 - 13 watt - energy label
E14 - Candle - 3 watt
kerze e14
E14 - Candle - 3 watt - energy label
kerze e14 6w
E14 - Candle - 6 watt
kerze e14 6w
E14 - Candle - 6 watt - energy label
corn e14
LED "Corn" - E14
corn e14 label
LED "Corn" - E14 - energy label
corn e27
LED "Corn" - E27
corn e27 label
LED "Corn" - E27 - energy label
corn g9
LED "Corn" - G9
corn g9 label
LED "Corn" - G9 - energy label