The switchover to SeKi LED lighting brings lot of different advantages.

Big color range

  • LED-lights are available in a big range of color temperatures
  • The color temperature vary from warm-white (3000K) to cold-white (6500K)

led vorteile lichtfarbe

Environmental friendly

  • Contains no lead or mercury (according to RoHs and CE procedures)
  • Disposal free of charge as conventional electronic scrap

led vorteile umweltschonend


Low power consumption

  • more than 50% energy saving in comparison with regular electric bulb
  • up to 30% saving versus energy-saving lamp

led vorteile power consumption


Low generation of heat

  • LED lamps can be used at heat-sensitive places as well
  • No problems with any fire protection regulations

led vorteile temperature


Longer life-period

  • up to 50.000 operating hours
  • Regular electric bulbs only last about 1.000 h

led vorteile lebensdauer


Big assortment of sockets

  • Available for E14, E27, MR16 / GU5.3, GU10, G9 and T8 (tube) sockets

led vorteile fassungen


No switching on delay

  • Full light intensity from the very beginning


No operating noises

  • In contrast to many energy-saving lamps there are no humming noises during operating


You can view and download this overview of all advantages here.