led_streifenSeKi® 5V LED stripe get power from regular usb ports of computers or usb-230v-adaptors. In addition to this there are battery boxes available for these 5v led stripes. So those stripes can be used nearly everywhere. No matter whether you are at home, in your car or outdoor. There is virtually no limit.




E27/E14SeKi LED lighting products, based on the newest generation of smd technology, allow to replace conventional light bulbs and halogen bulbs with any loss.

The main argument for such a replacement of illuminants is the much less power consumption.




panelSeKi LED Downlights are lamp and illuminant in one. Because of the very long life time period there is an end of always having to change conventional lamps when their life period is over.

The downlights will be flush-mounted into the wall or the ceiling and are creating an conspiciously and very elegant lighting.

 As well available with blue illuminated glass frame!


G4/G9Miniature bulbs with G4 and G9 socket are very often used as mirror lightings, in cabinets or desk lamps because of their very small dimensions.

Unfortunately the power consumption of those conventional minature bulbs is extremly high in contrast to their very small size. This is the big advantage of SeKi LED miniature bulbs with their just 1,5 and 3 watts power consumption.


panelThe ultra thin SeKi LED panels are proper for being used as innovative LED lamps. The LED panels have an imposing illuminating power and are, in comparsion to conventional lamps, extremely economical.

The different fields of applications are nearly unlimited.

It is possible to mount the panel on walls or ceilings easily and the panel allows homogeneous illuminations of big rooms and offices for example to create a kind of light wells at the wall.

GU10/MR16SeKi spotlights convince especially by their extremly low power consumption in comparison to halogen spotlights.Conventional halogen spots generally need 25 to 40 watts. The SeKi Led spots are working with only 3 to 6 watts and are generating similar luminosity.

At ceiling fittings with a bigger quantity of such lamps this power saving effect will be noticeable very strong.


led_stripesSeKi LED stripes are ideal illuminats for being used as independent and creative illumination techniques. The stripes offer perfect ranges of application for indirect lighting.

Because of the fact that these stripe won´t get hot, the SeKi LED stripes can be installed on many different materials.



led_tubesBe persuaded of the positive aspects of the SeKi T8 / G13 LED tubes. These tubes are a perfect replacement for common neon tubes. SeKi T8 led tubes are of newest generation of led technology, energy saving, brightness and working life period. Extremely bright 2835 SMD chips are used for SeKi tubes and are ensuring minimum 20% more light output than traditional SMD leds.