SeKi LED Stripe Accessories

led adapterTo use SeKi® LED- and RGB-/RGBW-stripes at each place of installation in an ideal way, there are many different plugs, extensions, distributors and adaptors.

With dc-distributors for example two or three stripes can be used in combination with one single power supply and controller.




The diverse L-, T- and X-connectors allow to install the led and rgb srtipes in edge, for example of glass cabinets as well. And this in a decent and uncomplicated way. Due to the clip locks there is no need to solder anyway.


  • Plugs and jacks:
    • Screwing version
    • Soldering version
    • Clip version
  • DC-Extensions:
    • plug to jack
    • 0.50m to 10.00m
  • DC-Distributors:
    • 1x plugto 2x jack
    • 1x plug to 3x jack
    • Length: 40cm
  • For 8mm LED-stripes:
    • Single-connectors
    • L-connectors
    • T-connectors
    • X-connectors
    • Different connectors with 15cm cable
  • For 10mm RGB- and RGBW-stripes:
    • Single-connectors
    • L-connectors
    • T-connectors
    • X-connectors
    • L-plug-connector
    • L-plug-connector 3D
    • T-plug-connector
    • X-plug-connector
    • RGB extensions: 1.00m, 2.00m, 5.00m, 10.00m
    • RGB splitter: 1>2, 1>3, 1>4
  • Mounting-Clips:
    • 10mm
    • 12mm
    • 14mm

  • dc buchse loetanschluss
    Soldering version
    dc buchse schraubanschluss
    Screwing version
    dc buchse klippanschluss
    dc stecker loetanschluss
    Soldering version
    dc stecker schraubanschluss
    Screwing version

    dc verlaengerung
    0.5m; 1.0m; 2.5m; 5.0m; 10m
    dc verteiler 2
    dc verteiler 3
    verbinder led einfach
    Connector LED
    verbinder led 15cm
    Connector LED 15cm
    2x Clip
    verbinder led 15cm offen
    Connector LED 15cm
    Cable head
    verbinder led l
    L-Connector LED
    verbinder led t
    T-Connector LED
    verbinder led kreuz
    X-Connector LED
    verbinder rgb einfach
    Connector RGB
    verbinder rgb l
    L-Connector RGB
    verbinder rgb t
    T-Connector RGB
    verbinder rgb kreuz
    X-Connector RGB

    steckverbinder rgb l
    L-Plug-Connector RGB
    steckverbinder rgb l 3d
    3D L-Plug-Connector RGB
    steckverbinder rgb t
    T-Plug-Connector RGB
    steckverbinder rgb kreuz
    X-Plug-Connector RGB
    verlaengerung rgb
    Extension RGB 1m - 10m

    verteiler rgb 2-1
    Splitter RGB 1 > 2
    verteiler rgb 3-1
    Splitter RGB 1 > 3
    verteiler rgb 4-1
    Splitter RGB 1 > 4

    verbinder rgbw einfach
    Connector RGBW
    verbinder rgbw l
    L-Connector RGBW
    verbinder rgbw t
    T-Connector RGBW
    verbinder rgbw kreuz
    X-Connector RGBW

    steckverbinder rgbw l
    L-Plug-Connector RGBW
    steckverbinder rgbw t
    T-Plug-Connector RGBW
    steckverbinder rgbw kreuz
    X-Plug-Connector RGBW
    verlaengerung rgbw
    Extension RGBW 1m - 10m

    verteiler rgbw 2-1
    Splitter RGBW 1 > 2
    verteiler rgbw 3-1
    Splitter RGBW 1 > 3
    verteiler rgbw 4-1
    Splitter RGBW 1 > 4

    montage clips 10mm
    Mounting Clips 10mm
    montage clips 12mm
    Mounting Clips 12mm
    montage clips 14mm
    Mounting Clips 14mm