FramesSuitable for SeKi LED spotlights with GU10 and MR16 socket SeKi assortment contains mounting frames in different versions.

The frames are available in square and round shapes and in four different color versions - brushed steal, polished chrome, golden and white



controllerAs a perfect complement to  SeKi® LED and RGB / RGBW stripes these controller allow an easy and extensive controlling.

Becasue of the hugh number of types of signal transmisssion (key swith, infrared, radio-frequency, wifi) there will be the right controller for any purpose of use.



led adapterTo use SeKi® LED- and RGB-/RGBW-stripes at each place of installation in an ideal way, there are many different plugs, extensions, distributors and adaptors.

With dc-distributors for example two or three stripes can be used in combination with one single power supply and controller.




adapterEvery now and then it happens that bulbs don´t fit into lamp sockets like it was planned. Or that you for example just want to use small E14 candle bulbs instead of bigger E27 globular bulbs.

This can be because of optical or space reasons. SeKi lighting adaptors will help by allowing you to use the bulb you want in your lamp. Even if the socket is different.



montageprofileThese mounting profiles fit perfectly to SeKi® LED and RGB / RGBW stripes and allows an extremely easy installation at walls, in corners and under shelves. The separately available mounting clips have to be installed at the wall or the furniture and then the profiles are just clipped onto it.




netzteile SeKi® 12V power supplies with different output voltages of 1A to 6A fit perfectly to be used with led items like SeKi® led stripes. The stabilised power supplies have a 5,5x2,5x10mm DC-plug.

Depending on output current there are different types: desktop power supplies with Schuko-plug and wall power supplies with Euro-plug.