SeKi coaxial cables provide a perfect connection of satellite equipment.
No matter whether you want to connect dishes and dvb-s receivers, to connect your dvb-c receiver to the antenna terminal or to do wiring within your house, SeKi coaxial cable fit for a big range of use.




High Definition Multimedia Inferface (HDMI) is the most common cable for digital audio and video connection of television, settop boxes and other audio-video devices like bluray players. HDMI cables are the replacement for the less used dvi cables since 2003.

SeKi hdmi 2.0 (UHD) cables are available since beginning of 2014 and allow 4-times bigger resolution than hdtv.  With hdmi 2.0 cables you will be able to play movies with 2160p at 60Hz. 3D movies can be played with 1080p at 48Hz.

Bitrate is increasing from 8,16 GBit/s to 14,4 GBit/s in comparison to hdmi 1.4 cables.

SeKi CableHigh quality loudspeaker cables of SeKi brand are recommended for HiFi and home cinema systems. Using SeKi cables will ensure that the complete quality of the loudspeaker system will be provided to the listener.

The loudspeaker cables establish a lossless connection and ensure a placing without any problem caused be high flexibility.



SeKi® phone cables conform to highest requirements of its users because of permanent quality checks. The cables convince by very good electrical characteristics. Because of its weather-resistant jacket it can be used indoor and outdoor as well.