We also offer the possibility to create SeKi remote controls with your own design.

When ordering minimum 500 pieces many individual modifications will be possible:

  • Individual button printings
  • Own logo printed on the remote or delivery complety without branding
  • Delivery with personalised manual
  • Different housing color
  • Buton with changed colors
  • Preprogrammed ex works for a special device


Here you will find some samples of individual SeKi remotes (brands are pixelated because of privacy reasons):

SeKi Mod C


  • Housing color
  • Button printing
  • Button colors
  • Brand
  • Manual


SeKi Mod N


  • Button printing
  • Brand
  • Manual



SeKi Mod T


  • Button printing
  • Button color
  • Brand
  • Manual



  • Housng color
  • Button printing
  • Button color
  • Brand
  • Color


This possibility of modifications is available for the following SeKi types:

  • SeKi Slim
  • SeKi Easy
  • SeKi Easy Plus
  • SeKi Medium
  • SeKi Grande
  • SeKi DVD
  • SeKi Hotel
  • SeKi Hotel Eco
  • SeKi Care

It as well will be possible to order a completely individualised remote control with new housing and button shapes. This case will cause moulding charges.

Please contact us. We will send you an offer exactly for your demands.


Should you be interested in
our products, please do not
hesitate to contact us at any time.

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